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Wings of the Wind (Out from Egypt #3)Wings of the Wind by Connilyn Cossette
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I may have said this in my reviews of the first two books in Cossette’s Out of Egypt series, but I’ll say it again because it bears repeating: I don’t typically read Biblical fiction. Can’t say I ever really enjoyed it before. And I say this to emphasize the fact that I don’t take these reviews lightly. I’m not just blowing smoke because the publisher was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of the book. These three books, the last being Wings of the Wind… … … … let’s just say I will read anything/everything Cossette writes from here on out. I was sold after the first (Counted With the Stars), hooked after the second (Shadow of the Storm), and now, following the third and final book in the series? Friends…. I’m a believer!

First of all… the author doesn’t skimp on Biblical history and you can tell. These books are riddled with details (some of them hard to read at times, as in WOTW) …but you wouldn’t otherwise find them if an author hadn’t done her research. Cossette’s knowledge bleeds off of these pages and it is nothing short of fascinating. Several times I caught myself with my mental jaws hanging open because the same old stories I’ve heard before (like Joshua & the Battle of Jericho) came to life as if playing out on a stage or a screen in front of me and I was blown away by all of the little things I could see and hear and feel that weren’t necessarily written in the Bible. Sure, there are gaps in the Bible stories that afforded Cossette some creative liberties, but I am both awed and amazed at the sheer amount of cultural of studies she had to have done for that time period to have been able to paint these pictures so vividly–and accurately–through her words. Did you hear me? I said I was blown away.

Second… let’s talk gentlemen. Specifically, Hebrew gentlemen. These guys aren’t wimps. They’re hairy, brawny, sun-painted, “manly men” that know how to treat their women. They are charming, kind and mannerly, and downright–refreshingly–respectful in their appreciation of the women they love and of the female form. Ladies–you don’t need to read lewd novels to get the tingles from head to toe we all appreciate when reading a romance. These men, or in this specific story, Tobiah, put the gentle in gentlemen. And I’m tellin’ ya–it’s delightful.

Third… Cossette’s stories weave a tale of forgiveness and redemption that breathe life and hope and love into the reader. We can choose to love our enemies. We can choose to forgive those that have wronged us. We can choose to overlook those flaws, those mistakes. All of this was especially evident in Wings of the Wind.

Now that I am a Biblical fiction reader… I’m really looking forward to Connilyn Cossette’s next series! And after you read Out from Egypt, you will be too.

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