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Just Look UpJust Look Up by Courtney Walsh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story, and if you’re looking for a quick and easy read that delivers “the feels” and lifts your spirit, you will enjoy it, too!

I will say that I had a hard time connecting with Lane (heroine) at first, though that could be due to the overwhelming anti-Lane vibe that came via Lane’s own thoughts regarding interactions with her family (both past & present). But I can relate to some of the flack she got for being the chubby kid when she was younger and how negative words spoken to you at that age are hard to shake, so I do understand some of her struggle.

I can also appreciate the attachment Lane had to her phone (her lifeblood) as I’ve experienced that in my day as well and really wish it were easier to not be so dependent on the darn thing! (FYI–this isn’t a book about being attached to your phone. It’s about balance. Balance between work & family, animosity and forgiveness, surface beauty and inner worth.)

The romance was super sweet, folks. Like… when (view spoiler) Those are the kind of “feels” I referenced earlier. Brooks is probably one of the most tender and loyal heroes I’ve encountered in a long time and it’s his overall sweetness and care for Lane that makes those moments all the more swoon-worthy. I have always enjoyed the “I-loved you-way-back-when” kind of story and that’s what had me pulling for Lane & Brooks from the get-go.

Courtney Walsh is a beautiful writer, and her passion for people and for inspiring people to connect outside of this life we live behind our screens really shines through this story. Add in the underlying themes of forgiveness, acceptance, and of course LOVE, and you’ve got a real winner. Don’t skip the “Author Notes” in the back… they’re every bit as meaningful as the rest of the book. I can’t say I’ll be switching back to an old flip-phone like Brooks, but the message came through loud and clear and I can admit the thought did cross my mind a time or two…

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