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It’s amazing what happens the second you put yourself “out there.”

Take today, for example. In a matter of hours, I launched a Facebook Page, an Instagram account and then worked to finish up my website (though admittedly, I’d already been fiddling with that one for awhile.) None of the above are by any means complete, let alone content rich. Not yet. (Note: Your kindness & patience is much appreciated as I navigate these waters, getting things all built up and prettified. Wait–is that even a word? Hmmm.)

Anyway… HOLY CRAP!!! I’ve gone public!  
Hang on just a second. I need to let that sink in for a moment…. whew.
No more private accounts for me–this shizzle just got real.

Can I do this?
I’m already doing this. I’ve even got cyber stranger-friends.
Wait. What?!?
Okay. Moving on. 

I’ve always enjoyed writing. The obsession started when I was young and it just sort of blossomed uninhibited from there. Journaling mostly, a few competition prose pieces, some newspaper/newsletter gigs, and I did write a little novella once when I was in the 8th grade. (That’s a story for another day though. In the meantime, the Reader’s Digest version goes like this: I wrote it. I shared it. I trashed it. The end.)  

For all my love of writing, not once did I ever consider a career utilizing the written word. Looking back, it surprises me that pursuing writing as a JOB, a part of my everyday life, never even crossed my mind. How many times had I been told I communicate better writing versus talking? How many hours had I spent writing just for the sake of writing? When My English teacher gave us writing assignments, I was over the moon! I loved every single one of them! I mean, come on–a writing career should have been a no-brainer!

It wasn’t.
I decided to get a degree in Spanish and Criminal Justice instead. Ask me what I’ve done with those degrees. (Answer: Nothing. Not for lack of trying. Just… for lack of having anyone around me that speaks Spanish.) But I digress.

Becoming a published author has always been the back burner dream, but–psh–me? Put my name on a bookjacket someday? Puh-lease. Nevergonnahappen. I became a Mom a little over ten years ago and quite honestly, that was the best “career” decision I (we) ever made. Back burner dreams just got shoved off the stove altogether at that point. Life took over. And I was okay with that until a little over a year ago when I hit this point where I just… I needed a little more. Even if I didn’t get that little something moreI at least needed to try.

Now, my husband and I have two girls that keep me pretty busy between gymnastics, soccer, ballet, church activities, and the like. I’m active in a local Moms group, hold a part-time job as well as a little Direct Sales on-the-side business (bringin’ home the bacon bits), and on a “good” week I do about 90% of the grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry while the Hubs brings home ‘da bacon. Unfortunately for my husband, there aren’t too many “good” weeks, though. He not only has to bring home the bacon, he sometimes also–quite literally–makes the bacon. And folds the towels and cleans the bathrooms. He’s a keeper.

Wait–what was I saying? Oh yeah… ain’t nobody got time for writin’.
Or so I thought.
Why even bother?

And then I said to myself, “Self… why not?

Why not sit down, write my heart out and just see what happens. At the end of the day, my words are still just for me and for the sake of getting all these stories and thoughts and observations out of my head and onto paper. So who cares if no one ever reads it or it never gets published. I kind of just want to see if I’ve got it in me in the first place. You know?

So a few random thoughts became scenes. Those scenes evolved into a plot. A plot idea turned into a chapter. Sixteen–I’m exaggerating, but it’s also possible there were in fact sixteen–revisions of said chapter and then I had a new plot idea. That chapter turned into a second chapter. And then a third. And ohmygosh… I was writing! Daily, if not twice daily. And this whole thing started turning into something tangible. The dream was (and still is) growing!!! All of a sudden I’m asking questions and seeking opinions and scheduling chats with agents and…. you know what?  That still, small voice is saying… “See? Put yourself out there. You never know when someone will need to hear the words you have to say.”

I’ve got a Facebook page.
An Instagram account.
And by George, as soon as I hit publish on this blog post, I’ll have a website.

Shut.The front.DOOR.

It’s amazing what happens when you put yourself out there, sure. But it’s even more amazing when you start listening when God says “Why not?” and answering with, “I don’t know. How ’bout You lead the way from now on.”

I’ve never felt so exposed in my life.
And it’s a scary kind of wonderful my 8th grade self would go nuts over.