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Analysis Paralysis

So a couple of weeks ago, I put it out there on Facebook & Instagram that I’d fallen down the proverbial “rabbit hole” of Writerland. I literally cried out for help (albeit via social media) and asked for ice cream and/or wine to drown...

Punishment & Pardon

  My poor, neglected blog. Not even a month old and already abandoned. It hasn’t been intentional. Sometimes you just push those want-to-dos further and further down your list in order to make time for all of the have-to-dos and the next thing you know?...

I. Hate. Spring.

There. I said it.
Brace yourselves, friends, ’cause I’m going to say it again: I hate spring.

I realize this puts me in the minority. That most people associate springtime with new life, re-birth, and beauty blooming all around us… but that’s just it. All that beauty bloomin’ is what’s got me wanting to bang my head against the wall right now. I  appreciate the pretty parts of spring as much as the next guy–landscapes in full bloom, trees in all their glory, the animals scattering about all twitterpated and chirpy. But I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to air. I know I’m allergic to tree pollen. And lucky for me, the pollen advisory is on “high alert” today meaning I won’t be breathing in any of that beautiful, fresh, spring air any time soon. I won’t be breathing well at all.

This is a season in life–literally, a season–that I do not enjoy. At all.
I would take a winter day over a spring day any day. (Say that 10x fast.)

None of this is blog worthy, I know. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

In all seriousness, I was sitting here, biting my tongue every time I sneeze and cursing the very essence of spring, thinking about the changing of seasons on a deeper level. (Blame the allergy meds.) I found myself asking, why do we so often resist the change in our seasons of life? Maybe it’s for fear of the unknown. Too much change, too quickly. Or maybe it’s because we’re in a really good season and don’t want it to end, ever! You hear me, God? NEVER! I like things just as they are right now!  We grow comfortable in our current seasons and don’t always give much thought to new ones ahead. I know I don’t, anyway. New seasons require growth. Necessary growth. Sometimes painful growth. No one likes change like that, amiright? Better to just keep the status quo. It doesn’t hurt as much that way.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to control the changing of seasons. We can’t skip over springtime and head straight into summer just because spring is rough. (Speaking both literally and metaphorically here.) But what if we’re on the brink of leaving one season and find ourselves fighting the onset of the next; does that mean we’re stuck somewhere in between? Can we control, on some level, the rate in which our personal seasons change?



It’s amazing what happens the second you put yourself “out there.”

Take today, for example. In a matter of hours, I launched a Facebook Page, an Instagram account and then worked to finish up my website (though admittedly, I’d already been fiddling with that one for awhile.) None of the above are by any means complete, let alone content rich. Not yet. (Note: Your kindness & patience is much appreciated as I navigate these waters, getting things all built up and prettified. Wait–is that even a word? Hmmm.)

Anyway… HOLY CRAP!!! I’ve gone public!  
Hang on just a second. I need to let that sink in for a moment…. whew.
No more private accounts for me–this shizzle just got real.

Can I do this?
I’m already doing this. I’ve even got cyber stranger-friends.
Wait. What?!?
Okay. Moving on. 

I’ve always enjoyed writing. The obsession started when I was young and it just sort of blossomed uninhibited from there. Journaling mostly, a few competition prose pieces, some newspaper/newsletter gigs, and I did write a little novella once when I was in the 8th grade. (That’s a story for another day though. In the meantime, the Reader’s Digest version goes like this: I wrote it. I shared it. I trashed it. The end.)  

For all my love of writing, not once did I ever consider a career utilizing the written word. Looking back, it surprises me that pursuing writing as a JOB, a part of my everyday life, never even crossed my mind. How many times had I been told I communicate better writing versus talking? How many hours had I spent writing just for the sake of writing? When My English teacher gave us writing assignments, I was over the moon! I loved every single one of them! I mean, come on–a writing career should have been a no-brainer!

It wasn’t.
I decided to get a degree in Spanish and Criminal Justice instead. Ask me what I’ve done with those degrees. (Answer: Nothing. Not for lack of trying. Just… for lack of having anyone around me that speaks Spanish.) But I digress.