If it weren’t for the fact that I meant every single star I awarded Deese’s previous books, I’d take one away from each of them so this one could rank higher. I have read everything Nicole Deese has published and I think this one’s her best novel yet!

Sometimes you just want to pick up a book and sit down to read something that’s clean, heartwarming, has the ability to transport your mind to a happier place, and leaves you feeling like in some part of the world, maybe there really is the kind of happily-ever-after we only read about in books yet never see for ourselves. And sometimes an author’s ability to suspend our disbelief, to make us feel like we are in that kind of happy place and that perfect, warm-and-fuzzy endings truly exist, is the very thing we need more of when it comes to fiction.

If you need that kind of book, if you want to read something that lifts you up, gives you the good kind of tingles, makes you smile and drive a few hundred miles out West to an imaginary town to shake hands with two imaginary characters… this is the one you need.

I loved Callie. She was free-spirited and whimsical, compassionate without even trying, and she’s even described in the book as being “more like the music itself, creating a beat that inspired everyone around her to respond with a dance of their own.” We should all be so lucky to know or meet someone like Callie. But… (’cause there’s always a ‘but’, right?) Callie, somewhere along the way, confused fear and freedom, and in so doing lost her faith in having a happily ever after of her own.

Then you have Davis. Just a regular guy trying to survive the onset of adolescence for his son and those raging hormones and emotions, combined with a misaligned work/life balance, buried pain and maybe even regret, as well as a whole slew of misunderstandings, have strangled their father-son relationship.

Davis needed his life and his son to fit inside a certain mold. A mold that was formed the day he found himself a single parent as a means to survival. But, what happened when two people grew (and grew up) and that mold no longer fit? Well, in this story, that’s when a woman determined to live her life outsidea mold, comes in to rock their world (and her own.)

I had goosebumps a couple of times, I let out a contented sigh at least once or twice, and there were even a few tears during a poignant moment in their story when I just…needed the chance to let my emotions about the book and life in general just overflow.

A New Shade of Summer is a beautiful read, and I’m so glad to have had the privilege! If you’ve not read any of Nicole’s books, I do recommend them. I find them to be sweet (but not saccharin sweet) and always incredibly uplifting.

I personally started with All for Annathe first in Deese’s Letting Go Series. (And here’s a tip–you can get this one for free on Amazon–As of October 2, 2017, that is). And while I enjoyed that entire series, I have to say her Love in Lenox series is truly top-notch!

I’m going to stop fangirl-gushing though–enough is enough, right? But trust me… A New Shade of Summer is one you’ll love year-round. Take my word for it or see for yourself!!

A New Shade of Summer
Nicole Deese
$3.99 on Amazon (or free w/ Kindle Unlimited)